Starting Our Work at the Eiffel Tower

Paul Kozel and Joe Popp have had three very intense days of recording on the Eiffel Tower dealing with weather that seems to change every half hour; cold, warm, rainy, sunny, cloudy, etc. The New York Times videographer Stefania Rousselle and print reporter Maia de la Baume visited the Tower Music Team last night at their apartment for interviews with the composer Joseph Bertolozzi, Joe Popp and Paul Kozel. Today they followed the team for half the day as they recorded various surfaces on the first level of the Tower to get a sense of their recording process. Below is a picture of the Sonic Arts Center Technical  Director, Joe Popp, and Director Paul Kozel at the Trocadéro just across from the Eiffel Tower. They were on their way back to the apartment that is just a fifteen minute walk from the Tower after a long day’s work.