Production Room Procedures

Signing onto the Server
1. Click anywhere on the desktop to enter the “Finder”
2. Use the “Command – K” shortcut on the computer keyboard
3. Select “afp://SAC-SERVER.local” from the menu. It may already the field
4. Select “afp://SAC-SERVER.local” from the menu. Select Connect
5. Enter Name: student  Password: current student password. select “Connect”
6. Select the drive you would like to connect to
7. Move data
8. Disconnect File Server by highlighting the drive and using the “Command – E” shortcut.

Entering the Sonic Arts Center (Front Door – No Alarm)
1. Enter your 5 digit PIN
2. Hold your proximity card up to the reader
3. Open Door

Entering a Sonic Arts Studio (Alarmed)
1. Enter the alarm code on the keypad (not your front door PIN) followed by the “1” key
2. Be sure the red alarm light goes off
3. Use your proximity card to enter the room
4. If you do trip the alarm. Remain calm and repeat step 1

Leaving a Sonic Arts Studio
1. Back up your data to your server drive and personal storage device
2. Sign off any server volumes
3. Quit all programs – do not turn off computer or other equipment
4. Delete all data from the Work Audio Drive
5. Empty the trash (on computer)
6. Normal console and all equipment:

a. Console – Preamps down
b. Console – 48V Phantom Power Off
c. Console – Inserts off
d. Console – Recall Scene 1
e. Console – Studio Volume Control Down
f. Big Ben – 44.1

7. Return all equipment and cables to proper place
8. Push the chairs neatly under the console
9. Take any trash with you. (Scraps of paper, staples, broken guitar strings, etc.)
10. Turn out the lights.
11. Close door firmly and alarm studio by  hitting #2 on the keypad– red light must be lit.