In Action on the Eiffel Tower

Director Paul Kozel and Technical Director Joe Popp are spending their days recording sounds of the Eiffel Tower produced by playing on its surfaces with various types of percussion mallets by the composer Joseph Bertolozzi. Recordings are done with a contact microphone that picks up vibrations of solid media instead of vibrations in the air. In this manner there is a direct connection between the vibrating surface and the recorder with little disturbance from the large crowds who surround us every day. Below are pictures of the recording process over the last few days. The picture directly below shows composer Joseph Bertolozzi preparing to play for a recording while Joe Popp cues him to begin playing the security fencing.  In the following picture Director Paul Kozel, in red with the Sound Devices 664 recorder, and Joe Popp in yellow, are joined by other members of the Tower Music team. The contact microphone, a Barcus Berry 4000, can be seen taped on the side wall between Kozel and Bertolozzi. Kozel and Popp have collected well over 600 samples of the Tower to date.