Guy Rosmarin – Graduate

SAC graduate Guy Rosmarin has worked as an audio engineer for Grey Advertising at their Townhouse Studios for the last nine years. Grey Advertising is one of the largest and most prestigious advertising agencies in the world today. Townhouse Studios provide production and post-production services for the Grey New York office. The facility consists of four Pro Tools suites, ten video editing suites, graphic suites, and a dub (audio mixing) room. Guy works out of one of the Pro Tools rooms and is involved with recording voice overs, editing, mixing (in stereo and surround sound), and creating sound design for TV, radio, and web commercials. Over the years Guy has worked on hundreds of commercials including  E-trade Baby, the NFL, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Papa John’s, Canon, Volvo, Pantene, Downy, Gillette, Tums, TJ Maxx, and Cover Girl.  Several of these commercials appeared on various Super Bowl broadcasts and have won the advertising equivalent of an Oscar called the Clio Awards. In addition to his commercial work, Guy also has a extensive experience in audio preservation, restoration, and mastering and has worked with major clients including The Metropolitan Opera, Coca Cola, Harvard University, and the Library of Congress.