Student and Graduate Credits

Music Placement, Recording, Sound Design, and Editing
“The Knick” on Cinemax
“Glee” on Fox
“Louie” on FX
“Blue Bloods” on CBS
“Project Runway” on Lifetime
“Gotham” on Fox
“Madoff” on ABC
“Power” on Starz
“American Idol” on Fox
“American Idol” on ABC
“Dateline” on NBC
“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on NBC
“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC
“Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC
“Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC
“The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS
“Shameless” on Showtime
“Ghost Whisperer” on CBS
“The O.C”. on Fox
“Californication” on Showtime
“Six Feet Under” on HBO
“The Gettysburg Story” on PBS
“Failing Better Now” on Starz
“What People Earn” on The History Channel
“The Shootout” on the History Channel
“Stable Wars Del Mar” on Fox
“UFC Embedded” on Fox
“Teen Mom 2” on MTV
“This New House” on DIY Network
“Inside the Big East” on ESPN
“Live from Lincoln Center” on PBS
“Wedded To Perfection” on TLC
“Disappeared” on Discovery Channel
“Eco Trip-The Real Cost Of Living” on Sundance Channel
“Future Earth-100 Heart Beats” on MSNBC
“Dateline Saturday” on NBC
“Inside The Obama White House with Brian Williams” on NBC
“Storm Riders” Weather Channel
“Today Show” on NBC News
“Top Chef” on Bravo
“Catfish” MTV
“Masterpiece in a Mill Town” on PBS
“The Scott Seat” on HGTV
“Glee” on Fox
“Luke Cage” on Netflix
“Good Morning America” on ABC
“Z Nation” on SYFY
“Atomic Homefront” on HBO
“The Scott Seat” on HGTV
“Signed” on MTV
“X-Factor” on Fox

Major Recording and Theatre Artists:
Music Production and Audio Engineering

Willie Nelson
Winton Marsalis
Eric Clapton
Carly Rae Jepsen
John Legend
Kanye West
Randy Weston
Mos Def
Michael, Buble´
Wyclef Jean
Good Charlotte
Avril Lavigne
Bright Eyes
Bruno Mars
50 Cent
Methodman & Redman
Jim Gaffigan
Ed Sheeran
Barenaked Ladies
Richie Havens
A$AP Rocky
Rod Stewart
Danger Mouse
Kayne West
Mark Ronson
Jack Antonoff
Regina Spektor
Ken Burns
The Avett Brothers
Katherine McPhee
Eyrkah Badu
New York Philharmonic
Suzanne Vega
Jose Feliciano
Lady Gaga
Mark Ruffalo
Edward Norton
Sarah Silverman
John Travolta
Demi Lovato

Music Placement, Recording, and Editing

Buffalo Wild Wings
Axe Body Spray
Pepsi (with Justin Timberlake)
Just For Men
Shock Top
Ally Bank
EAS Sports

Music Placement, Recording, and Editing 
“Wedding Crashers” featuring Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn
“Fast Food Nation” directed by Richard Linklater featuring Ethan Hawke
“Just Friends” feature Ryan Reynolds
“Almost Paris” featured at the Tribeca Film Festival
“ODAYAKA” featured at the Tribeca Film Festival
“Kid’s Right’s” featuring Elton John
“The Bachelorette” featuring Will Ferrell
“The Wolf of Wall Street” featuring Leonardo Di Caprio
“The Late Quartet” featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken
“Fish Tank” winner of the Cannes Jury Prize
“One Hour Photo” featuring Robin Williams
“The Family Tree” featuring Hope Davis
“Straight A’s” featuring Anna Paquin and Luke Wilson
“Elegy” featuring Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz
“Visioneers” featuring Zach Galifanakis
“Alpha Dog” featuring Justin Timberlake
“The Notebook” staring Gena Rowlands and Ryan Gosling
“Live by Night” starring Ben Affleck

Awards and Recognition
Grammy Award for “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” Al Franken
Emmy Award for “Inside The Obama White House” with Brian Williams
Two Emmy Awards for programing on SportsNet New York (SNY)
Emmy Award for programming on 2014 Winter Olympics coverage on NBC
Top Five placements on the iTunes Charts
Top Ten placements on the Billboard Charts
Films chosen for the Tribeca Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize South by Southwest Film Festival