The City College of New York

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Sonic Arts Center

Phone: 212-650-8217
Fax: 212-650-5428
Web: City College Sonic Arts Center

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Music Department

Phone: 212-650-5411
Fax: 212-650-5428
Web: City College Music Department

City College Admissions

Phone: 212-650-6977 or 6448
Fax: 212-650-6417
Web: City College Admissions

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City College Registrar

Phone: 212-650-7850 & 7851
Fax: 212-650-6108
Web: City College Registrar

City College Financial Aid

Phone: 212-650-5819
Fax: 212-650-5829
Web: City College Financial Aid

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Credit Transfer Questions

Melissa Oden
Phone: 212-650-7379

Campus Tours

Web: Campus Tours

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Sonic Arts Center Tours

Please contact us at least one week prior to the date of your requested tour. Email:


Web: City College Directions

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Tuition and Fees

Web: City College Tuition and Fees

Course Bulletin

Web: City College Course Bulletin

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Scholarships and Awards

Web: City College Scholarships and Awards

Student Housing

Web: City College Housing

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