Christopher Woll – Instructor

Christopher Woll, is the post-production coordinator for the Center. Professionally Chris is a busy dialog editor, sound designer, and re-recording mixer for film and broadcast.  Chris has mixed a number of feature films available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime including the critically acclaimed Split and Punk’s Dead. As a sound designer, Chris has worked on various company logos such as Viacom and its subsidiaries and sound-designed and mixed creative content for Tribeca Films and CNN/Headline News’ four-time EPPY Award Winning Aspireist television series. Additionally, he has composed music for television, including the PBS documentary The Gettysburg Story, MTV’s Catfish, and Bravo’s Top Chef. Chris’ film/broadcast mixes have played on platforms such as PBS, MTV, CNN, HLN, Bravo, and Comedy Central, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes, and film venues including AMC theaters, Cannes, Sundance Toronto and TriBeCa film festivals.