Starting Our Work at the Eiffel Tower

Paul Kozel and Joe Popp have had three very intense days of recording on the Eiffel Tower dealing with weather that seems to change every half hour; cold, warm, rainy, sunny, cloudy, etc. The New York Times videographer Stefania Rousselle and print reporter Maia de la Baume visited the Tower Music Team last night at their apartment for interviews with the composer Joseph Bertolozzi, Joe Popp and Paul Kozel. Today they followed the team for half the day as they recorded various surfaces on the first level of the Tower to get a sense of their recording process. Below is a picture of the Sonic Arts Center Technical  Director, Joe Popp, and Director Paul Kozel at the Trocadéro just across from the Eiffel Tower. They were on their way back to the apartment that is just a fifteen minute walk from the Tower after a long day’s work.

Nous Sommes Arrivés

The Tower Music team assembled in Paris today for our first meeting before we begin recording the Eiffel Tower and documenting the process with video and photography. From left to right: Franc Palaia, Kyle Griffin, Paul Kozel, Joe Popp, Joe Bertollotzi, Rob Bellach, Jeff Gertin, and Joseph Redwood-Martinez. Stay tuned for reporting directly from the Tower.

Sonic Arts Center Staff off to Paris to Record the Eiffel Tower

For two weeks in late May and early June, SAC Director Paul Kozel and Technical Director Joe Popp will be in Paris as the production audio team responsible for recording the sounds of the Eiffel Tower for a musical composition entitled Tower Music by composer Joseph Bertolozzi. In an arrangement with SETE, the tower’s operating company, Kozel and Popp with Mr Bertolozzi will harvest the sounds of the Eiffel Tower with with various microphones placed on and around its surfaces to create samples for Tower Music.  The recordings of the Eiffel Tower will be cataloged and prepared for composition at the Sonic Arts Center by students at the Center along with Mr. Bertolozzi. Future plans for Tower Music will involve a series of live performances of the composition during the Tower’s 125th anniversary in 2014 whereby various percussionists stationed throughout the tower will play on it’s various surfaces to an audience around the tower in the Champ de Mars park.  Stay tuned to this blog for reports from the Tower.