The Gear Box Series

The Sonic Arts Center announces the new Gearbox Series of presentations. This series will provide a platform for audio technology companies to feature their latest products in demonstrations to the students and staff of the Center.  For our inaugural presentation in February, Izotope Inc. and Ableton were on campus to demonstrate Ozone 5 and Ableton Live, respectively.

The new Gear Box Series at The Sonic Center

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Paul Kozel, Director of The Sonic Arts Center, working on Hans Richter documentary

Paul Kozel, has just begun work as sound designer and dialog editor on a new film for Hudson West Productions entitled Everything Turns – Everything Revolves, a documentary on the experimental film maker Hans Richter.  The documentary, along with Sonic Arts Center student underscores to some of Richter’s short experimental films, will be a part of a Richter Retrospective at the Los Angeles County Music of Art and the Pompidou Center in Metz, France starting in the Spring of 2013.

Everything Turns – Everything Revolves

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